Crack Repair

..."If you can’t afford to do it right…can you afford to do it again?"...

You’ve heard that before, but here at CL Sports, it’s not just a catchy rhyme, it’s our mantra. Traditional crack repair methods can leave unsightly patches that don’t last – resulting in frequent and costly repairs. Tennis court cracks expand and contract with changes in temperature, freezing and thawing, and with use. To insure a long-lasting, durable and seamless repair, we use the RiteWay Crack Repair System.

RiteWay is a layered system that becomes an integral part of the tennis court and results in an invisible repair which is not affected by weather or temperature. The installation is so unique that many tennis court owners can’t believe its proven success until they see it for themselves.

The RiteWay System utilizes a micro-technology that allows the existing cracks in your court to move without breaking the repair. It not only keeps cracks from coming back, but it eliminates dead spots, hollow sounds and bubbling common with other systems.

A RiteWay repair comes with a 2-year conditional warranty and is priced 50 to 75% below the cost of reconstruction.